Life Insurance

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

At The Pentagon Group, we like to think of 4 main areas when considering the amount of life insurance you need. 

  • L (loans) – How much debt (credit cards, loans, mortgage) will you leave to your loved ones? 
  • I (Income Replacement) – What kind of lifestyle will your family have without your income? 
  • F (Final Expenses) – How much will it cost your family for your funeral? ($15-$25K) 
  • E (Education) – College for your children gets more and more expensive every year!

Types of Life Insurance

  • Term Life Insurance - A great way to get a lot of life insurance at a very affordable price.  The downside is that it eventually expires (terms).
  • Permanent Life Insurance - Whole and Unviersal Life Insurances are great ways to guarantee that you have life insurance for the rest of your life. 

Contact an Agent at The Pentagon Group to discuss "how much" and "what type" of life insurance would be the best FIT for you.